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Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of payment you can use to order on our site?

We can accept PayPal, Western Union, Moneybookers, and Bank Transfer. We prefer you to use PayPal cause your order will be processed more quickly than others. If you only can use Bank Transfer, please let our Live Help know your full order information after you sent payment to us immediately.

How long can you get your gold after order placed?

All of our customers praise our delivery time cause of our full stock. As to make sure this online transaction to be safer, we may need to do the delivery part by part.

How to trade gold with our guy in game?

Usually, when our player login game, the live chat support representative will invite you in-game to tell you the trading place, if it is very difficult or impossible for you to go there, you can ask him to go to your land to find you.

What is a pending e-check, and why do I need to wait for it to clear?

A pending e-check is a type of payment option available to Paypal. A pending e-check is just like writing a normal check, except electronically.

Just like normal checks, pending e-checks take a few days to clear while Paypal verifies the funds which are present within the senders account.

Once your payment has been completed, your Runescape Gold will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

What security precautions are taken to protect my personal information?

RSGoldOK takes the protection of our client’s personal information very seriously. We have various systems in place to screen each and every order for anything that might seem amiss, and since our operation runs 24/7 without closing, so that we are vigilant. Additionally, the information submitted will never be disclosed to any third party.

What is our refund policy?

RSGoldOK respect our customer’s opinion, if you want to get a refund before delivery, please contact our Live Help. They will do your refund immediately!

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