Haunted Mine Osrs Quest

Follow him around, attacking him if he stops until he is defeated. Treus Dayth has no flaws so no specific battle style is quite effective against him, however Magic or Ranged is recommended since it lets you keep away from the cranes and carts better. So as to do so, the paths will need to line up to form a clear path for your own cart. Learn more about OSRS Herblore Training Guide here. There are 11 levers that may be pulled, each labeled from A-K, which you can examine to see which lever it’s. Levers A,B,C,D, and E are on the east of the Point Settings box, whereas levers F,G,H,I,J, and K are to the north. Only get the red arrows in the Point Settings box match together with all the arrows in the diagram to the right.
Go west beyond the ladder and exit the cave from the mine. On the surface, follow the road marked with a visible track and re-enter the mine. Walk a little south into the cart track and climb within the cart, walking beyond the second to reach the mine’s entrance.
You will then be outdoors near a river, keep following the track round the bend until you get to the other cart tunnel, go through this also. You’ll come right down into a flooded area along with your character will float ashore, you can go back up by clicking on the elevator. Be aware that in the event you take the”iron” pickaxes which are sitting around the ground, a”Possessed Pickaxe”, level 50, will appear in place of this. Walk down the east end of the corridor and walk down the spooky staircase at the end. Walk beyond the corpses there and keep heading down the corridor into a water pipe. If you didn’t bring a chisel, do not forget to grab the one on top of the crate there; you will need it later.
This ought to transfer the cart into another side of the maze with the fungus along with it. Don’t let it strike you since you can get hurt from it. Rather, make your way up the tracks, hiding in the alcoves to the side whenever the cart comes. At the end of these tracks, go down the ladder. Head south west until you get into a mine cart. Climb over it and you will be in the Entrance to the caves.
A ghost will appear and will try to shut off the valve. Run fast around the water pipe system to the elevator lift and”Go down Lift” into Cave Level 5. The elevator stays operational after the first activation, so Zealot’s crucial is no longer needed. Start PointSpeak into the Zealot in the Abandoned Mine, situated south-west of Mort’ton.

  • Instead of heading east to ladder , go beyond it and a different haunted cart to reach ladder, which contributes to level 4.
  • Go to the Saradominist Zealot near the mines and state that you follow Saradomin and ask him what he is doing here.
  • Once in the mine entrance head west along the cart track until you come to another cart tunnel, climb through this.

If the cart strikes you, you’ll be damaged and pushed back to the start of the cart path. Once you have the glowing fungus, head north then west then click the cart, it ought to vanish, in addition to your luminous fungus which you will get back in the upcoming steps of this quest. In the conclusion of these tracks, climb down the ladder and choose the nearby Glowing Fungus. Now head northwest and utilize the Fungus with all the searchable mine cart to place it inside. Head north, then west until you find a Point Settings box on the wall. Clicking on this will bring up a record of the mine cart paths, and you will need to acquire the cart with the Fungus from where it now is, to another side of this mine.
Haunted Mine OSRS Quest
The ore veins on Level 2, together with irrigation, mithril ore, and adamantite ore, are quite practical to mine, although few players appear to realise this. Following the Haunted Mine quest, players will have the Crystal mine crucial, which may be used to unlock the doors into the veins on Level 2. Also after the quest, players can use the secret entry, which is right next to the Level 2 veins.

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