​Death Plateau Quest Guide

The troll farmer My Arm are available here, attempting to grow items. A disease-free herb patch that could be used for Farming, and a vacationing Tool leprechaun that will happily look after your tools can also be found here. The principal entrance to the stronghold is located west of Trollheim, found atop a small incline found east of this little camp of trolls. This entry takes you straight to the upper floor of the stronghold.
Troll Stronghold osrs quest
This floor is inhabited by many mountain trolls and contains three fearsome troll generals. The top level has a ladder leading to the rooftop and 2 sets of stairs that leading down to the middle level. The little camp found outside the Stronghold appropriate is home to various mountain trolls. The principal entrance to the stronghold is located just north of the camp. Learn more about here. Once you’ve the key, go back south, down the stairs arriving in Burntmeat’s Kitchen, then go into the very north end of the Stronghold. Enter the door with the prison secret, and climb down again to reach a jail.
The top floor is the major entry to the stronghold leads, and from here you can access the rest of the stronghold.
He smashes you and you’ll go flying into a wall nearby, he hits you away from 7-11 and from flying into the wall he hits you 15-25. There are a few safe areas to use range or magic, one is near the gate, though it doesn’t always work. Communicate with Denulth, head of the Army at Burthrope he’ll let you know about the projected raid backfired. Ask him if there is anything that you can do to assist, he will tell you of a captured soldier, Godric.
Alternately, there is a little room to the north in which you are able to range him behind a small bed. If you’ve got a halberd, then you could also attack him from beneath the bed. Be sure to take a minimum of 10 lobsters or 5 bees once you go to fight him. Also, you may kill him from behind the counter on the first room on the left.Now which you’ve got the Prison key, head south back to the doorway. Now go north until you get into a staircase.

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